Indam Inc. is a human capital management company with central operations based out of the beautiful Garden State.  As a diverse end-to-end HR solutions provider, Indam offers a range of expertise aimed at enabling clients to focus on their core business by providing a means to be cost effective, optimize their performance, thus reducing the time to market their products, so they can gain the competitive edge in our dynamic market place.

Indam is committed in providing excellent quality of service to its clients by focusing on its most important resource “PEOPLE”. We are a people company and our business is built around how well we manage people, whether they are our Employees, Consultants, Vendors, or Clients. We thrive in bringing people together by identifying, training and retaining the best talented people and strive to be ethical, trustworthy, and result oriented.

We are distinguished by our acumen of the different fields of life sciences within the pharmaceutical industry at large.  By forging strategic alliances with leading companies through consulting projects, we strive to make significant contributions for the advancement of our client’s program objectives promptly, efficiently and cost effectively.